Maara is special, says Madhavan

Inspired by Malayalam hit Charlie is Maara. It features Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath and Shivda in key roles. Directed by Dhilip Kumar, Maara will stream on Amazon Prime Video in Tamil 8 January onwards.

Check out Madhavan's interview about the movie:

Q : Tell us bout Maara?
A : Maara extends from being a person to a world filled with pleasant people. The incidents and conversations these people have are grounded yet the experiences they have are surreal, and that makes the audience an interesting part of the ensemble. 

Q : Throw light on your character in the movie.
: The role of my character has been crafted with foremost importance given to the honesty in the relationships he shares with others. And that trait makes the person as somebody that the audience falls in love with instantly.

Q : Tell us what the movie talks about?
A : The film revolves around relationships and the beauty in sharing experiences. It’s a very sweet world to be in. And to bring this entire world to life there are some stellar performances delivered by the other members of the cast.

Q : On acting with Shraddha Srinath again?
A :  She plays a young girl Paaru. She is a wonderful actress and has given her best.

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