Why Vaiko and Congressfighting with each other?

MDMK leader Vaiko blamed the Congress for not conducting a plebiscite in Kashmir and Congress State president KS Alagiri hit back at Vaiko by calling him a political opportunist.'Vaiko became a Rajya Sabha MP only with the support of the Congress MLAs. In less than 15 days since he became an MP, he is attacking the Congress party. He is not grateful to our party for nominating him as a Rajya Sabha member.

He should stop lashing out at our party, said senior Congress leader EVKS Elangovan.On his part, Vaiko said, 'To become a RS member, one needs the support of just 34 MLAs. DMK can by itself nominate three MPs. DMK nominated me. Stalin and DMK MLAs proposed my name and it is not the Congress that proposed my name. DMK voted in my favour. I have never and will never become an MP with the help of the Congress.'