Why Rajini condemned Centre in CAA protests?

Adopting a tough posture against the BJP-led NDAGovernment at the Centre, actor Rajinikanth  strongly condemned it for the widespread violence in Delhi against the CAA and said those who cannot control it should resign and go.

Talking to reporters in front of his Poes Garden residence on his return from Hyderabad, he said the Delhi violence showed the defeat of the UnionHome Ministry and the failure of the Intelligence machinery.

Strongly condemning the violence, in which nearly 20 people were killed, he said the Centre and the State governments should have dealt it with an iron hand and nipped it in the bud.

Observing that such violence should have been controlled especially at the time of visit of leaders like US President Donald Trump, Rajini said any protests should be peaceful and there should not be any room for violence.

He said ''the Centre's intelligence machinery did not function well and I strongly condemn it''.

Noting that the incidents of violence had been increasing, the actor, perhaps for the first time in a veiled but strong message to the Centre, said ''resign and go if not able control the violence''.

He also said if the Centre failed to control the violence it would lead to a major problem in the future, while squarely blaming the intelligencefailure for the incidents.
Expressing regret that some sections of the media was portraying him as a mouth piece of the BJP and that the saffron party was behind him, Rajini said ''I am only telling what is the truth''.