Why Producers Council is planning to honour Ilayaraja?

Tamil Film Producers Council is planning to hold a mega event on 2 and 3 February to honour maestro Ilayaraja for turning 75. But it is just not that. The producers council say that Ilayaraja is symbol of Tamils. He has brought us great repute. Hence we should honour him, they said. At a recent event to kickstart celebrations, TFPC chief Vishal, said, 'Even when I was arrested recently over the issue of TFPC, I was quietly listening to maestro’s songs. When I go to foreign countries, sometimes people ask me if I am from Bollywood, I tell them that I come from Tamil film industry and immediately they connect with Raja sir. I feel this is the right time to celebrate his music and IIlaiyaraaja 75 is a great tribute to Raja sir'.

The industry will not hold any shootings and no film events would be taking place on 2 nd 3 February following request of Producers Council.