Why Prasanna is a special gift to our industry?

Initially, we thought of just designing a birthday card or tweeting wishes of limited characters on Twitter. However, glimpsing on his list of movies and the diversified roles he has played, it really let us affirm that he isn’t a run-off-the-mill actor, but a phenomenal actor, who has endowed the film buffs with an impeccable streak of finest works. Possessing the qualities of ‘Navarasa Nayagan’, he emerged as an overnight lovable boy with his debut film ‘5 Star’. More than being an attractive chap, it never looked like his debut film and he developed a special bond with audiences. Who can forget his innocuous man in ‘Azhagiya Theeye’? The feel-good love story was embellished with his character and performance.

Not to miss an unforgettable gift that Prasanna gained by being a part of ‘Kasthuri Maan’, directed by the iconic late filmmaker A.K. Lohithadas. Being one of the country’s most acclaimed filmmakers, Kasthuri Maan happens to be the only Tamil movie he made in his entire career.  He become the most-loved and desired dream boy with Kanda Naal Mudhal. Usually, onscreen dream boys are the ones, who rip off their shirts and flex their muscles, but he achieved the stature with his simple smile and natural performance.

A break of 2 years followed by a fun-filled entertainer ‘Seena Thaana 001’, which happens to be one among the top favourite flicks on satellite channels now. Having worked with big names like Vijayakanth and Vijay, Prasanna became the absolute choice of veteran filmmaker Siddiqui. His performance blended with fun and mystery was very much befittingly appropriate for the title ‘Saadhu Miranda’, which established him in a different shade, thereby taking him into a much darker shade through Anjathe.

Back again to the naturalistic pastures, he proved to be the favourite of family audiences through a poetic film like ‘Kannum Kannum’, which had a much complex premise involving a relationship, but was elegantly depicted.

His leap into stylish look and of course, the adorable onscreen chemistry with Sneha happened through the film ‘Acchamundu Acchamundu’.  A smart-headed conman in Naanayam and Muran followed by a groundbreaking role in ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ kept adding more feathers to his cap.  Having established a prominent status as hero and villain, he showed up playing a supporting role in Dhanush’s Power Pandi. Yes, he didn’t miss to steal the show over there as well following which his roles in Nibunan and almost a Dr. Watson in our native ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in Thupparivalan.  His atrocious bad natured antagonist role in Thiruttupayale 2 scared many to the core. Now, his upcoming league of movies, especially his Malayalam movie ‘Brother’s Day’ with Prithviraj and Arun Vijay’s Mafia has already created an incredible expectation on him.

Well, there’s a reason behind why all these roles retain in our memories beyond the years. It’s because, he never acts, but reflects the tendency and inherent nature of the character he plays.

So, do you agree now that why Prasanna is a special gift to our industry?

Happy Birthday Prasanna! We love you and love to see you more in such diverse roles.