Why Kasthuri entered Bigg Boss house?

Those watching Bigg Boss show were suprised last night when actress Kasthuri, who boldly express her views on various issues in social media, entered the House as a wildcard participant. She asked some uncomfortable questions to inmates including Sakshi, Losliya and Kavin. The actress also gave punishments in the name of funny tasks to the contestants which attracted the viewers.

A yesteryear heroine, Kasthuri chose to do character roles in Tamil cinema recently. One may woinder Kasthuri entered the house. Speaking to Cheran at the House, Kasthuiri said, 'I got angered for everything. I am shiort-temepered. May be stayiong at the House may help me change a bit. It is an attempt to calm down myself, I am here. 'She was seen asking Kavin is that a joke to love four girls inside house at the same time. Will it be tolerated if anyt girl does that, she asked.