Why Akshay Kumar and Ajith Kumar become the role examples of Superstars and Producers?

It’s not about blindly banking on ‘Box Office’, but these actors have implemented a new paradigm. There are bunch of superstars, who just believe that a normal commercial film with top heroines, star-cast and No.1 Music director with 5-6 numbers will bring success to the film… During this critical juncture, where many producers had incurred loss, it was Akshay Kumar, who broke the myth by being a part of content driven movies. They didn’t have top-notch technicians to promote merely with the songs and costly visuals shot across the globe.

In the same way down the South, Ajith Kumar has now proved the same with ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’. it’s not about getting No.1 director and heroine to play his love interest or spouse, have songs placed in stereotypical mode (Intro, fast beat Kuthu number, etc) and climax fight shot at big budget. NKP has imparted new hopes on producers that a big star can give success without any big budget and grandeur.