Why Ajith issues statement to his fans?

Ajith, whose Viswasam is ruling the box office currently, has issued a statement stating that is apolitical. He aalsoo ementioned that fas shouldbehave propely in social media and not criticse other actors in a derogatory manner. In a statement issued last night, Ajith, said, 'I have no trace of politics should shadow my personal life or my movies. Cinema is my profession. At a time when elections are around the corner, it gives the impression that I'm inclined towards politics. I want to stress that I would not like to involve myself in politics intentionally or unintentionally. My only association to politics is when I stand in the queue to cast my vote as a common man. I have never, nor will I ever influence my fans to cast their vote or support a political party.'

He also urged his fans especially students to concentrate on their studies, respect law and order, focus on health. He said since everyone is watching, let you all be restraint in social media and not criticise other actors in a derogtaory manner' Ajith is currently busy with Pink remake, being directed by H Vinod Kumar and produced by Boney Kapoor.