Why AIADMK praises Ajith?

After indications that Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan may come together on political front, Minister and AIADMK spokesperson D Jayakumar said. Let the actors join and come together. Their pep talk is just a mirage and those who go behind them will end up with nothing. 

Rajinikanth earlier said he will go alone in politics. But now he is open for an alliance with Kamal. This shows his weakness and changing political stance. These actors will pose a threat only to the DMK. Kamal was submissive when Amma was alive, but now he is speaking out. Both lack political acumen and do not have a clear-cut political policy.

Minister KT Rajenthra Bhalaji also joined to attack Rajinikanth, stating that the actor missed the opportune moment. 'Once Rajinikanth had a chance of becoming a leader. But now the age is not on his side,' the Minister said. He, too, sought to compare Rajini with Ajith, stating that the latter for having a better understanding about the political situation in the State.