When Tharshan revealed the real age of Losliya last night in Bigg Boss show

This might be already known news to few or more Netizens, who would have instantly Googled about her bio as soon as she entered Bigg Boss House. However, still it remained to be a vague one until Tharshan, one of the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house hilariously revealed the age of Losliya. It was during the end of show, where Losliya was sleeping on bed and there were some humorous conversations going on between both of them, when Tharshan said, “You’re 32 yrs old and still act kiddish.”  Losliya was like frozen for a second with smile and reverted, “Unakku Koodathaan 7 Kazhuthai Vayasu" in Tamil.

By the end of show, Tharshan was surprised with Bigg Boss gifting him cake for his birthday, where the housemates shared it happily and the show ended on cheerful note.