When cinema halls have become football stadiums in single month

There’s something really more exciting to see about the cinema of Kollywood across the past one month. Yes, cinema halls are now turning into football stadiums and that’s because of many movies based on the sports of football consistently releasing in theatres. We at Thandora Times bring you some of such releases, which have been and are getting released in a short span of time.

Vijay starrer Bigil

Although, there have been some movies based on football being made in Tamil industry few years ago, there haven’t been much. While Sibiraj’s Lee directed by Prabhu Solomon was a full stretch football game based movie, actor Tharun played a football player to a smaller stretch in ‘Enakku 20 Unakku 18’.  But it was Vijay’s Bigil that had made a complete spell on football. It was all about the women’s football team and how a coach makes them achieve their dreams.

Kathir starrer Jada

The film that is getting ready for release on December 6, 2019, this Friday is about the game of football laced with some supernatural thrillers. We get to hear that the movie has prominence for football, but at the same time has a different premise. 

Suseenthiran’s Champion

The film is yet another based on football premise, which will be hitting screens on December 13. This film has the protagonist as football player, who has left the game after the demise of his father and is making his comeback for some good purpose.

What’s so special about these films is that although they’re based on game of football, the directors have packaged them with unique and completely unparalleled stories. 
While many might think, it’s beating the same bush, it’s so much enthralling to see that our Tamil industry is loaded with big talents.