When ARR-SJ Suryah-STR fans were disappointed and then rejoiced

If you have been a diehard follower of Tamil cinema, we are pretty sure, you would have been very much aware about the stature of STR, who was addressed as Chimbu by his fans and SJ Suryah at that point of time. They were known for their cheeky humour and intense themes. While SJ Surya had made a film titled ‘New’, STR was very much famous for his magnum opus ‘Manmadhan ‘. 

Soon after ‘NEW’, SJ Suryah had announced a film with STR and Asin in lead roles, which even had the photo shoot done. However, the project was dropped and later was started as ‘Anbe Aaruyire’ featuring SJ Suryah and Nila in lead roles. The film was released on September 9, 2005, which coincidentally had the release of STR’s Thotti Jaya. When the combo of STR-SJ Suryah-ARR was made, it was really a huge celebration for the fans, who were later disappointed. However, with both the movies releasing on the same date, they rejoiced again .

Today both the movies are celebrating 14th anniversary and are still regarded as the best ever showpieces from these actors.