What Jeevajothi said about Rajagopalan's death?

Saravana Bhavan owner Rajagopal, who ran one the largest chains of vegetarian hotels, was convicted by Supreme Court for the murder of Prince Santhakumar, husband of Jeevajothi whom Rajagopal wanted to marry as his third wife in 2001. He passed away at a private hospital yesterday die to cardiac arrest. Jeevajothi is the daughter of one of his employees. Asked about the death of Annachi, she said,'I was in love with Prince Santhakumar and we eventually got married.

But Rajagopal forced me to marry him as his third wife. He issued threats to us. Despite this we were a happy couple. My husband was kidnapped and murdered, he was beaten to death. ''Even though I feel sorry for his death, I can not take the fact that he did not go to prison. My husband's soul will not rest in peace. It is not consoling and my wounds will not heal,' she added.