What is Captain Vijayakanth's view on Hydrocarbon project?

Prior to bringing the hydrocarbon project to Tamil Nadu, the central government should clearly explain the pros and cons of the project, said  DMDK Leader Vijayakanth. Last year in the month of May, the Central Government had approved the hydro power in 274 places, dividing the Cauvery basin into two zones. In section 1, 116 hydrocarbon wells are to be built in the areas around Villupuram and Puducherry. In Section 2, it was announced that 158 ​​wells will be built in the areas from Cuddalore to Nagapattinam.

The central government had given permission to Vedanta and ONGC to take up hydrocarbon. The federal government has embarked on the acquisition of agricultural land to take hydrocarbon. This was met with fierce opposition from the farmers and the public. The peasantry and the people who were demanding the abandonment of the project carried out various agitations, such as the struggle to the death, the struggle in the fields and the human chain. Students, various organizations and political parties jumped in to support them.

Hydrocarbon extraction was suspended following the resolution of the problem. In the meantime, the concerned company should formally seek permission from the Ministry of Environment to build a hydrocarbon exploration well. At the same time, it has been the norm ever to hold public hearings in those areas. In contrast, the Environmental Impact Notification was amended by the Ministry of Environment in 2006. Accordingly, the Central Government has announced that it is no longer obligated to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Environment from hydrocarbon exploration wells.

Various parties have expressed their dissent. In its statement, Vijayakanth issued a statement saying: “There is a threat among farmers and people in the Delta region of this project that the farmland will be destroyed. So the farmers have to explain their fears. Before the implementation of the hydrocarbon project in Tamil Nadu, the central government should make clear to the farmers and the general public the advantages and disadvantages of the project and explain the fears of the people."

And no matter what the project is, it is for the people. So that is a plan that will be accepted by all people when a plan comes up. He therefore urged the central government to pay more attention to the scheme and make it clear to the people and farmers.