Water water everywhere, but  not available to Chennai

Water has become scarce. No doubt, you can see people running around streets with empty pots for water in almost every street of Chennai. They say there is acute water scarcity in Chennai. Experts however say that it is not the only reason. Many say water is avialble at most places around Chennai. But bringing them to city is a problem. The so-called Smart Criminals, those who hold a control over transportation of tanker lorries prevent them from coming inside city.

Many say the government officials even demand bribe to allow them inside. As a result, the people face water shortage. A Chennaiite says, 'Areas around Chennai like Manimangalam have enough water. Bringing them here is a big task. There are many difficulties in bringing it to Chennai. These smart criminals pose a hurdle in bringing them to our household'. With no regular water supply and tankers too not allowed, an artificial scarcity has been created.  Call it callous attitude of authorities, many blame.

Though the government plans to bring water from Jolarpet in trains, they should understand that if they devise a proper mechanism to tap water from neighbourhood and ensure proper planning to get them to Chennai, there won't much crisis, many say.We want rain. Hope God will shower us with water, say a few.