War brings death and destruction, warns Prince of Arcot

In his earnest appeal to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, appealed to him to use his good offices with his counterpart of Pakistan, Imran Khan to immediately release the captured Indian Air Force Pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan, back to India immediately, who is being treated, as prisoner of war in Pakistan soil. In a statement, he said it is important to remember the Geneva Convention that every government in the world should treat the prisoners of wars with compassion and in a dignified manner. 

In this case, Pakistan must treat the IAF Pilot Abhinandan with humane, and all diplomatic efforts should be put in use by Indian government to bring back the Wing Commander safely, "Pakistan claims to follow Islam, as its State religion. Therefore, they must know, long before the Geneva Convention came into effect, our Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him), had laid laid down clear rules and conditions of how the prisoners of war must be treated with respect and honour. I am sure, Pakistan will follow the Holy Prophet's  sayings in the case of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan."
Let the world bear in mind that wars will bring death, destruction and horror in an expanding way, as we have seen in the past, how thousands of human lives and property were ruined and destroyed, which would be much greater in today's Nuclear weapons war, if it takes place, the prince pointed out Let us pray to the Almighty God to keep us all under His special care and protection at all times, and let us live like one family of One God, with peace, harmony and human solidarity, he concluded.