Violence in Pak increases by 42 pc in 2021, say reports

After a consistent decline since 2015, violence in Pakistan increased by an alarming 42 per cent in 2021, according to the Center for Research and Security Studies Annual Security Report 2021. Violence related casualties in Pakistan declined at a steady rate since 2015, plateaued somewhat in the year prior, but seem to have accelerated dramatically in 2021 again, the Islamabad think tank said. 

With an increase of roughly 42 per cent in 2021, Pakistan suffered 853 fatalities (up from 600 last year), and 1,690 injuries, directly linked to violence-related incidents.  Nearly 75 per cent of all violence-related fatalities were recorded from two provinces - KP (including FATA) and Balochistan. Of the total fatalities from violence in the country, Punjab province accounted for 8 per cent, followed by Sindh.