Vijay Sethupathi’s simple entry, Robo Shankar’s gaudy scene

Certain things in the film industry really matter a lot and one among them is celebrities sticking to simplicity. After reaching some developments, few actors remain down to earth. On the other end, there are few, who want to boast of their growth with unwanted gaudiness. Such happened to be the audio launch of Galtha, where Robo Shankar’s attitude was quite awkward. While many big personalities entered the premise with simplicity, Robo Shankar had arranged 10 men with the badges of ‘Robo Shankar Rasigar Mandram’ were standing in diagonal order in ‘Stand At Ease’ position. However, Vijay Sethupathi came silently inside the premise, delivered the speech and walked back without any tantrums. 

Robo Shankar must try to learn that audiences will love and appreciate the growth of an actor with love , but if they are seen taking over advantage, then conditions would be adverse.