Vetrimaran apologises on Asuran's success meet stage

Asuran film's 100th day was held at the Russian Cultural Center in Chennai today. Dhanush-Vetrimaran combo movies of Pollathavan, Aadukalam and VadaChennai have allied themselves with the hit films.

And today director Vetrimaran has apologized on the Asuran success meet stage, to the assistant directors who worked with him in the movie.

Speaking at the event, Director Vetrimaran said, “This is a necessary film at the moment. The commercial success of the film is a demand for the unity of Tamil soil and Tamil people. As Balu Mahendra sir says commercial success is an accident. As we cannot solve those issues, If so happens that would be the case. We can only take a picture.

No one can pressure me on something that I don't like. The media has a huge role to play in making this film a success. My first thanks are to the media.

I will be cool with the cast, But I will be very angry with the assistant directors who work with me. At the beginning of each film I would tell my assistants that, I will be angry but It's not your fault that is sometimes which I have when Im disabled to do something. Speaking further, he also said that the Asuran was the closest film in the Dhanush coalition till the date, and that Dad's character was such a charming character.