“Vadivelu is much cuter than me” – Actor Rashmika

Actor Rashmika is flourishing and growing to be a top star in the Telugu Movie field! Presently, her Telugu film, Bhishma, has been released and has been running successfully! Subsequently, the actor has decided to shift her residence to Hyderabad.

Though she has signed several films, actor Rashmika still regularly has ‘photo-shoots’ and releases her albums on the social networking media.

Recently, the actor released an album with a wide range of facial expressions photographed! Once this was released, the ‘Memes’ creators, on their part, released another album mixing this Rashmika’s facial expression photographs with those of the evergreen popular comedian, Vadivelu.

Rashmika was quite impressed with this! She proceeded to combine a photo of her with a unique facial expression with another from Vadivelu on the social network media! She had commented; ‘Can’t fail to agree anymore! Vadivelu, indeed, is much cuter than me!’