US think tank says H-1B visa holders vulnerable to abuse & placed in poor working conditions

South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council, a US think tank, has said that H-1B workers are vulnerable to abuse and frequently placed in poor working conditions. In a report, it sought reforms like substantial increase in wages to those holding the visa and also safeguards like providing fair working conditions, and greater employment rights for those working under the visa programme.

The report has been released close on the heels of United States President Donald Trump said he is soon coming out with reforms that will give H-1B visa holders certainty to stay in America and an easy pathway to citizenship. In a tweet, Trump said, "H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship. We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the US."

H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. It is popular among Indian IT professionals. The think tank report has been authored by Ron Hira from Howard University and head, South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council, Bharat Gopalaswamy.