President Trump and Melania Trump plant sapling at Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Rajkot, Delhi

US President Donald Trump visited India's Presidential Palace in Delhi today. Trump was greeted at the President's House with the United States's National Anthem and the Indian National Anthem. President Trump was welcomed with a parade of soldiers. President Trump accepted the honor of a parade of troops presented at the President's House.President Ramnath Govind greeted Trump, who accepted the parade courtesy.

Over the course of event. Prime Minister Modi and Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh were also present. Prime Minister Modi then introduced President Trump to colleagues in the cabinet and to military commanders. 

President Trump and his wife, Melania, paid tribute to the memorial of Gandhi. The couple then signed their affidavit, and signed Gandhi Memorial's attendance register They planted saplings together on the Gandhi memorial complex. The Gandhi statue was presented as a memento for Trump. US President Trump has suggested that the U.S. is committed to a dramatic, sovereign India.