Ukraine Prez to deliver virtual address to US Cong

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will deliver a virtual address to the US Congress as the Russian war on his country intensifies. Zelenskyy will speak Wednesday to members of the House and Senate, the Democratic leaders announced. The event will be livestreamed for the public.

It's such a privilege to have this leader of this country, where these people are fighting for their democracy and our democracy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday during an event at the Brooklyn Bridge with New York lawmakers.

Pelosi said that Zelenskyy asked for the meeting when they spoke at the end of last week, and lawmakers are thrilled to have him address Congress. The talk comes as the Ukrainians are fighting for their country's survival in the escalating war as Russian President Vladimir Putin intensifies his assault, including airstrikes on the capital Kyiv. Civilians in Ukraine are taking up arms to hold back Putin's regime, but the war has launched a mass exodus of more then 2 million people from Ukraine.