Tuesday Romance – A complicated love story of Arya with complexities

Actor Arya might have very few numbers of best movies down the line, but when you name them, they all have some unique traits. Such was a movie titled ‘Kalaba Kadhalan’. The movie featuring Arya in the lead role was released on February 17, 2006. The film had Renuka Menon playing Arya’s wife, who leads a happy married life despite being arranged.

However, the problem strikes in the form of Divya’s cousin girl, step-sister, Akshaya, who comes from her native place to stay along with them in their apartment to complete her post-graduation course. She soon starts developing a special interest in Arya, despite knowing that he is married. Arya’s attempts to help her without the knowledge of his wife has no results until he attempts to make a different plan, which ends up in tragedy.
Directed by Igore, the film created a sensation for possessing a controversial plot with thriller elements. It was one among the league of movies like Vaali, Uyir, and few more.