Truth in Rafael will take Modi to jail: Rahul Gandhi


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday truth in the Rafale arcraft deal would take Prime Minister Narendra Modi to jail. Addressing an election rally in Nagercoil, he said Modi had said that he wanted to be the Chokidar and not the Prime Minister of India. But after saying this, he had let out several crores of rupees to Anil Ambani. Stating that the anil ambani has never built an airftact in his,life, Rahul said the Congress government wanted to give the world's biggest defence contract to HAL for purchase of one aircraft for Rs 526 crore.

''But Mr Modi snatches the contract from HAL and handed it over to Anil Ambani for purchasing an aircraft for Rs 1,600 crore as against Rs 526 crore'', Rahul said. He also said that the French President had publicly stated that Mr Modi told him that the rafale contract should be given to Anil Ambani and the Rs 30,000 crore of defence ministry money went straight to anil ambani's hands.