Trump's warning to China

US President Donald Trump warned of imposing substantial tariffs on imports from China if the trade negotiations does not go well. 'China has to do a lot of things to turn it around. But you'll be seeing. They've got to do a lot of things. It (tariff increase) goes on 1 September,' Trump said a day after he announced to impose 10 per cent tariff on Chinese products worth nearly $300 billion. This is in addition to the 25 per cent import tariff on Chinese products worth $250 billion.

The next round of the US-China trade talks is scheduled for September. 'Frankly, if they don't do, I can always increase it very substantially. In other words, I could increase it - if I wanted to, I could increase it to a very much higher number,' he said. Observing that the US was 'so far behind' China before he became the President, Trump said America had been treated badly. 'And I don't blame China.

I blame our past leaders, our past presidents, our past trade representatives. They've done a terrible job,' he said. 'We can't just go and make an even deal with China. We have to make a much better deal. Because, right now, they have a very unfair playing field, and I'm turning it around. We are getting 25 per cent of $250 billion and now we'll be getting 10 per cent of probably close to $350 billion. It's a lot of money,' he said.