Trump slams Modi for funding library in Afghanistan

United States President Donald Trump hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for funding a library in Afghanistan. The former said it is of no use in the war-torn country. He also criticised India and others for not doing enough for the nation's security. Trump, who chaired his first Cabinet meeting of the year on Wednesday, asked India, Russia, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries to take responsibility for Afghanistan's security.

He pointed out to Modi as an example of how world leaders are talking about their contributions that were nowhere near the billions of dollars the US was spending. Referring to his friendly terms with Modi, Trump however appeared critical of library funded by India in Afghanistan. "I could give you an example where I get along very well with India and Prime Minister Modi. But he is constantly telling me, he built a library in Afghanistan. Library! That's like five hours of what we spend (in Afghanistan)," Trump said. "And he tells me. He is very smart. We are supposed to say, oh thank you for the library. Don't know who's using it in Afghanistan. But it's one of those things. I don't like being taken advantage of," he added.

Trump further said: "I say this, India. (I have) great relationship with Prime Minister Modi. He is a great gentleman and a great man and he's done a fantastic job. He has brought the country together." "Why is not Russia there? Why isn't India there? Why isn't Pakistan there? Why are we there? We are 6,000 miles away. But I don't mind. We want to help our people. We want to help other nations," Trump told reporters.