Trivia- When Vijay gave surprise treat to bystanders at provision store

We at Thandora Times have been bringing you something more interesting about the artistes of our industry. It is something beyond the professional aspects on how they are actually the closest and favourite to everyone’s hearts. It happened before sometime, where Vijay’s family would buy provision from the nearby store to their residence. It was leisure time for Vijay, where he took his son for a ride and Sanjay stepped down to give the provision list to vendor. Surprisingly, everyone (few in numbers) noted that it was Vijay who is driving the car. They immediately got excited and he in turn greeted them. He gave somewhere around Rs. 4000 the provision store vendor asking everyone to buy what they wanted as a small treat. They were all in awe of this Gentleman act.

Wow! It’s so lovable isn’t? Thalapathy for a reason.