Tiger is fitted with new fang at German rescue centre

A rescue tiger living at a shelter in Germany has been fitted with a golden fang after breaking hers while chewing on toys. 

Cara, a five-year-old, 125lb Bengal tiger, was fitted with the crown which covers her damaged tooth earlier this month at a rescue centre in the town of Massweiler.

A specialist team of Danish dentists had to make two trips to the Tierart animal shelter in order to fit the new tooth - the first in August to take a mould of the fang, and the second early this month in order to fit it.The first operation took more than two hours, experts at the rescue centre said, while the second took around an hour and a half.

Three weeks after the operation she has now fully adjusted to the new tooth, and is using it normally. A mould of Cara's teeth, showing how the new fang was fitted after she gnawed a notch into her natural tooth.