This is how a dish called “Comali” is seasoned with cow dung

When the film ‘Comali’ was released, there were some mixed responses. While the mother and women sentiments including a man’s search for emotions that have been lost in transition from 90s to 2K was appreciated, there were few disgusting moments like first love being wrongly portrayed, where ex-lovers meet and cuddle in front of the girl’s husband and daughter. Of course, this can be somewhat accepted for there was a strong emotional content in the movie. However, now what the team has done now is garnishing the movie with ‘Cow dung’. Garnishing is what is done after a delicious is prepared and now this team has done with dirt. Last evening, the team had released ‘before and after censor’, which has gained a terrible resentment from the audiences.

A humble request to team members, “We are okay if you’re targeting teens. Then why bring such ingredients sugarcoated with good content. It’s better you can directly target them making a film what’s appropriate for the adolescents.”

And Jayam Ravi, who told that he will be a part of responsible movies during the pre-release event of Comali, just take a look what he has done.