Thandora special - When AR Rahman captured “Pancha Bhoodhangal” twice for Action King

For every masterpiece to succeed, it’s not merely the respective work, but there are lots of contributing factors indeed. Action King Arjun movies have delivered quite a commendable bunch of hit songs from 90s. It is worth mentioning that he holds special mention for working with AR Rahman three times - Gentleman, Mudhalvan and Rhythm.

While all these albums are still regarded as ageless Chartbusters, there is something relevant between the latter ones. For many, it is a very well known fact that ‘Rhythm’ had 5 tracks, each based on 5 elements of nature – Water, Air, Earth, Sky and Fire. But how many of us know that the same duo managed to bring in all the elements together in a single song.

Thanks to Shankar’s creativity for the song ‘Kurukku Sirithavale’ from Mudhalvan was shot in the backdrops of these 5 elements.