Thandora Special – Suriya’s ‘Diary and Love Failure’ sentiment

With a time travel 10 years back in time, we are sure that Tamil cinema celebrated Suriya as the romantic hero. Although, he was experimenting with different genres and story premises, his role was very much shaded with romance. Thandora Times found something more coincidental between his couple of movies – ‘Sillunu Oru Kadhal’ and ‘Ghajini’, which were decent hits. So guessing what ‘Diary and Love Failure’ sentiment is all about?

In Ghajini, we see Suriya’s past life being revealed through a diary that is read by Nayanthara. She comes to know that he is a top billionaire and more than all was in love with a girl called ‘Kalpana’. Yes, he had a tragic first love and it goes the same with ‘Sillunu Oru Kadhal’, where Suriya’s wife Jyotika too reads a diary that reveals his first love – Bhumika. In both the movies, his first love was devastated and another women character reads it. Actually, these female characters reading the diary created an eventual impact on the women audiences enlarging the fan base.