Thandora Secret - Look, how Nerkonda Paarvai director surprised Suriya's producer?

Everyone is curiously waiting for the release of Nerkonda Paarvai that is hitting screens on August 8, 2019. Well, we have something special about director H Vinoth and this was something that happened soon after the release of his directorial debut ‘Sathuranga Vettai’. During that point of time, Lingusamy was supposed to produce a film for Suriya. Vinoth was signed for this project and was given a cash of 75,000 apart from free accommodation and food at Pondicherry for completing the script.

What happened in next few days was Vinoth came back with a well crafted script, which was amazing. What was much surprising for Lingusamy is that he gave back 50,000 rupees balance saying that the spent money was more than enough.

He presented a script in such a way that producers were stunned as it included each and every detail about shooting date, costumes, locations and everything. When Suriya heard the script narration, he called back Lingusamy saying, “This is the first time in my career, I came across a script narration, where I wasn’t able to mention a single correction or ask a question anywhere.” 
Well, let us hope this project goes on floors soon.