Thandora Secret - How Bala’s ‘No kiss-No hug’ Arjun Reddy version dropped?

Before couple of months, there was a shocking news about ‘Varma’ being dropped. More than sending appalling vibes, it was first of its kind illustration of an entire movie being shot and dropped. There were lots of verbal hassles involved between Bala and producer as well. The production house later reshot the entire film as ‘Adithya Varma’, which was wrapped up yesterday. While many might be alleging Bala for his non-cooperative gesture, here is the actual fact of what actually happened with ‘Varma’.

Close sources mention that while shooting the film with Dhruva Vikram and Kolkata based model Megha, Bala completely refrained from adding those intimate scenes between the lead pair. In fact, these elements were one of the major reasons, why the original version ‘Arjun Reddy’ became a super hit for it added intensity. However, Bala is someone who doesn’t like having such scenes in his movies. In fact, some of his assistants who were young suggested and forced him to add those intimate scenes that we saw in trailer between the lead pair and Dhruv Vikram-Raiza Wilson. This is the major reason why the producers were unhappy over the film’s final output.