Thandora Pick - If Ajith remakes this film, half the population will quit 'Alcohol'

In one of the recent interviews, director H Vinoth had said that he had initially approached Ajith Kumar for a massy script. However, Ajith surprised him by saying that he wants to do ‘Pink’ remake, which the director couldn’t imagine as it lacks the mass elements. Now to see that the reviews are stunningly excellent and the fans are celebrating the movie, he has proved that mass heroes need to do good contents. Through the character of Bharath, he has raised the voice for the women empowerment.

Now, we feel that by doing this remake of critically acclaimed Malayalam remake, half the population of his fan base will quit alcohol. It is none other than Mohanlal’s yesteryear hit movie ‘Spirit’. The film is about a well educated person, who resigned his job from a top elite designation in an International bank and took up hosting a special show ‘Show The Spirit’, where he blasts the corrupt politicians and tycoons bringing out their flaws.

However, he has a pathetic personal life, where his wife divorced due to his excessive drinking. He still maintains a good friendship with her and her husband. His excessive drinking starts affecting his personal and professional life, but his course of life is changed after he comes across a person who is more complicated than him. How the transformation happens in his life and the attempts he takes to bring a change in the society on this aspect is basic crux of the story.

The Kerala State Government gave Tax exemption for this film due to the good theme and social impact it carried as a message. Now, if Ajith Kumar takes up this remake, it will surely have a great effect on the society.