Thandora Mega Breaking - Suriya 40 director marks third time reunion

While everyone in the Suriya fans league are heavily celebrating the announcements involving Suriya 39 technical team, we have something special for you. Of course, Thandora Times has always been ahead of time in breaking some news even when they are at the early stages of talks and production. In the same aspect, we have something interesting on Suriya 40. It is said by the confidential sources that actor Suriya personally met director Bala, who can been acclaimed as his ‘God Father’ in Tamil industry and has given call sheet for him.

It might be a film produced by Suriya’s 2D Entertainment in association with Bala’s B Studios. It is not yet confirmed whether this could be Suriya 40 or Suriya 41. Maybe, Suriya might simultaneously work in Siva and Bala films as he did for Selvaraghavan’s NGK and KV Anand’s Kaappaan.

It is worth mentioning that Suriya and Bala had earlier collaborated for the film Nandha followed by Pithamagan.