Thandora Inspiration – Sivakarthikeyan’s gesture for press and media friends at his home

This week, Sivakarthikeyan’s Hero is gearing up for release and it is really a much awaited biggest moment of this year. Meanwhile, there happens to be various reasons why the actor is being celebrated as the biggest hero in Tamil film industry. He captured the masses within the short span of 6 years, thereby becoming the main league hero. Well, it’s not just about the hard work and dedication that he has towards cinema, but the wonderful gesture, he has towards the press and media. 

Whenever, someone from the media fraternity visits his house, he would come by himself at the door steps welcoming them inside. What’s more surprising that he has taught his daughter, right from her infant age to welcome the guest with ‘Vanakkam’ joining the hands. So much of down-to-earth nature and that’s the loveable thing we can admire about Sivakarthikeyan. 
Surely, ‘Namma Veettu Hero’ for a reason, isn’t it?