Thandora Inspiration - School Students boozing, Superstar Rajinikanth’s sudden entry

Over the special column of Thandora Inspiration, we have been constantly bringing you the most fascinating facts about the stars of Tamil film industry. As our Thalaivar Rajinikanth is celebrating his birthday today (December 12, 2019), we have something interesting about him. Although, Rajinikanth’s personal lifestyle is completely elite, we get to see that he often advises everyone out there, especially youth to ensure that their health is not affected.

It happened during before few years, few school students of rich family background came to a 5 star hotel and were celebrating their friend’s birthday, by cutting cake. Someone, was sitting with table lights over the corner switched off and watching them. When they started boozing up with alcohol, the lights over the specific table was switched on and these guys were really shocked and surprised to see Thalaivar Rajinikanth sitting across the corner.

They all rushed towards him. Although, he happily received them, what he told was something really astonishing. He said, “Pasangala! It’s good that you enjoy your youthful life with lots of fun. But never get  yourself addicted into the habit of drinking at the early age. Just a small advice… Please don’t mistake me.” The high-profiled people and the hotel management staffs were the proof to this incident.