Thandora Inspiration – MGR’s getup is worth this much on stage now

There’s a famous saying in the Tamil ‘Seththum Koduthaan Seethakaathi’, which means, a man whose charity found no end even after his demise. Such happens to be a similar instance with Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. 

It’s been almost 3 decades, he passed away and still we are spellbound over his philanthropic deeds. But it didn’t end there, for this incident will leave you frozen in astonishment. In one of the recent game shows, a tea shop owner from down south mentioned that he is a folklore artiste. Whenever, he dresses up like MGR and appears on the stage show for special occasions, he is paid Rs. 5000. 

Can you ever imagine about such a gift that a superstar like MGR possesses? 

That’s the power of a true star right?