Thandora Inspiration - Maniratnam's rejection and Madhavan's whistle

Every week, we are presenting our viewers with the Thandora Inspiration that speaks about the success story of Tamil actors. This week, we bring something really phenomenal about actor Madhavan. He is one of the most successful people even before embarking on his career as an actor. Before completing his 22 years, he had flown down to almost all the countries across the world and he was one of the most celebrated management teachers as well.  

Guess, how was the first meeting between maverick filmmaker Mani Ratnam and Madhavan?  The chocolate boy was actually asked to take part in the audition for the role of a politician in ‘Iruvar’ alongside Mohanlal. Although, the way Maddy spoke the dialogues were powerful and it really left everyone awestruck there, Mani Ratnam felt that he was too young for this role and was rejected. However, the director was surprised to see what happened next.

As the actor stepped down, Mani saw him from the balcony that he was happily moving out whistling some tunes. The filmmaker really liked the positive attitude of Madhavan and immediately at that point of time decided that he is going to play lead role in his next film, which was ‘Alaipayuthey’.