Thandora Inspiration – How Mani Ratnam created a new trend for assistant directors?

So far, Thandora Inspiration has been all about the star actors and their lovable deeds. This time, we have something different for you all and that’s about the maverick filmmaker Mani Ratnam. Being ennobled as one of the most finest and celebrated filmmakers of Indian film industry, we admire him for his unique and esthetic filmmaking qualities. Now, here is something most of us don’t know about him. 

It happens that assistant directors in the film industry are always prone to the payment issues. While most of them wouldn’t be getting salary properly, the others are bounded to daily wages, which would be completely less in number. However, Mani Ratnam was the first one to break this barrier and give a good status to them. 

Madras Talkies owned by Mani Ratnam was the first one in the Tamil film industry to introduce a corporate styled pattern, where assistant directors would be paid a big sum. It is not just during the shooting of his movies, but throughout the year. Yes, it’s because, all his assistants would be specialized in one or the other topic and he keeps himself updated through them.

Say for instance, one among them would be an expert in physics and another one in political science. So, this is the reason, the filmmaker is always a topper when it comes to making films in any genre. 

Guess what? The salary of his assistants are on par to what an experienced guy would earn in an IT company. 

He would also keep insisting his assistants to move out of his office and soon make movies on their own. When they are all set to get-go, he would pay them some good money in advance so that it is useful for them until they find producers committing them.