Thandora Inspiration – An ‘Iron Lady’ who shaped her life and inspired others

There are times, when a woman wants to break all the odds and come up in life. It happens that when they are able to succeed in their professional front, their personal life still lacks the balance. Especially, for someone like an actress, it becomes so much bleak. For the ones, who are broken, they would come up with their best in their respective careers and look down on their counterpart – MAN. But Nayanthara remains a ‘Lady Superstar’ for a reason that she isn’t admired for her onscreen image, but for her real life nature. Today as Nayanthara celebrates her birthday, we have some interesting facts about the actress.

1. While doing the female centric roles, she ensures that it shouldn’t get too much of dosage of punch dialogues, but the lines that inspire women. Even when a filmmaker or writes such overdose lines, she asks them to avoid it and include what is necessary. 

2. From the film’s director to the assistant light man on the sets, they’ll feel the positive vibes when she is there on the sets. She is so humble and down-to-earth treating everyone gracefully. 

3. She is so much focused on what’s happening on the shooting spots. Even if a small junior artiste is there inside the frame, she would recognize and check what the purpose is. This isn’t indulging into unwanted thing, but she is so curious to know about what’ there on the spot. 

4. As everyone knows, she gifts gold chains and coins to everyone on the sets after completing the shooting. When it’s heroes who follow this practice, it was Nayanthara, who introduced this first in Kollywood. 

5. Although, she has become the superstar in South Indian industry, she makes sure that the young and upcoming actors don’t feel low on the sets. She is so dedicated that entire set becomes silent when she comes to spot. But then once the camera is off, she never misses to amuse them with her liveliness.