Thandora Flashback – “When a film becomes hit, you praise directors, when it flops why  blame me?” - Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar is always well known for his outspoken and straight-from-the shoulders statements. We happened to look back into some of his yesteryear interviews, where he seems so much bold and conventionally correct, which might have sounded improper and harsh to perceive, but now it looks like perfectly tailored statement.

There was a particular show, where several small screen artistes of a leading satellite channel questioned Ajith Kumar on the success and failure of his movies. One among them was Uma Padmanabhan, who asked, “What’s your take on often being blamed that you take up films without hearing the script?”

Ajith Kumar replied, “Well, if that is the case. What about the films – Vaanmathi, Kalloori Vaasal, Kadhal Kottai and Minor Maapillai released last year becoming super hits. I didn’t listen to those scripts as well. I am just an artiste and if I am capable of sensing and judging the scripts, I would become a director. We are just actors, who get into mould of directors. It’s their responsibility to focus on scripts and bring out their best.

When you ask me that I am taking up films without listening to the script, what about the producers who invest Millions of money into a project? Why don’t they listen the script and give a better judgment before approaching the actors. When a film becomes successful, you all praise directors and when it flops, why you blame me.”