Thandora Exclusive - The moment when Suriya fell in love with Jyotika

Well, today the entire league of Suriya fans are invigoratingly celebrating the birthday of their matinee idol and we at Thandora Times bring up an interesting fact about them.

Do you know when was the first time that Suriya actually developed a sense of great respect for Jyotika?

During one of their films’ shooting, Suriya was actually walking leisurely during the lunch break and was surprised to see Jyothika eating up her lunch quickly. He approached and asked her why is that she is hurrying up so fast when there is so much time. It seems that she replied saying, “My assistants on the spot will be able to eat only when I am done with my lunch. So, I don’t want to waste their time for my sake.”

Significantly, Suriya got so much moved and even made a self confession that his mother would wait so much for him and will eat only after everyone in the house are done. He felt sorry that he didn’t ask his mother till that date if she had her food.

Such a nature of Jyothika didn’t I create an impact for Suriya, but inspired him vividly that it changed his course of thinking as well.

This is the reason why we love you Suriya and wish you many more happy returns of the day.