Thandora Exclusive – Nerkonda Paarvai to have ‘3’ blocks as treat for Thala fans?

Right from the moment, the official announcement on Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai, there have been mixed baggage of both excitements and then, the ones who had watched the original version Pink started making comparisons. However, in one of the recent interviews, Rangaraj Pandey had mentioned that audience have to wait and watch if NKP is an exact remake or just an inspired one. Now there is interesting news that Ajith Kumar’s characterization is completely different from that of Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, we saw the latter one as an aged and unhealthy old man, who wears the lawyer suit after a long time for the sake of three girls. However, we will see Ajith Kumar as a middle aged man, who is healthy enough to bash down the baddies single handedly. Perhaps, if at all we think that there is going to be only one action block we saw in the teaser and ‘Thee Mugam’ lyric video, we get to hear that there are three action sequences in this film, nevertheless, this is just a buzz and we need to wait and watch how factual it is.