Thandora Exclusive – Nayanthara was the original ‘Chandramukhi’ before Jyotika

Today even many years after their arrival into big screens, we can see that both Jyotika and Nayanthara have been ruling the South industry. In the entire career, ‘Chandramukhi’ happens to be one among the most celebrated milestones. Yes, for Jyotika, it was a great changing moment in her acting spell and it made ‘Nayanthara’, the overnight queen of South Indian film industry. While Nayanthara was seen as Rajinikanth’s pair – Durga, Jyotika appeared as ‘Chandramukhi’.

But do you know the real fact that Nayanthara was initially chosen by P Vasu for the role of Chandramukhi. However, the personal managers of Nayan made sure that she gets to play Durga. They felt so because playing Chandramukhi might gain her incredible laurels, but it would have a sentimental impact that she appears as Prabhu’s pair. So they wanted her to be Rajinikanth’s pair that will be obviously turn more spotlights upon her. Eventually, it gained her remarkable market in the industry and from then there was no turning back for the actress.