Thandora Exclusive - Atlee’s secret of linking Vijay in Theri, Mersal and Bigil

It happens that Atlee might be seen getting a warm reception abundantly showered with unconditional love and affection from Thalapathy fans, whenever he is making a film with Vijay. As ‘Bigil’ marks the third collaboration of Atlee and Vijay, there’s always something called ‘Secret Connect’ among all these movies that started with ‘Theri’.

In ‘Theri’, the first look poster created an impact that Vijay might be seen in triple roles. In fact, the trailer too created a certain assumption that Vijay will be seen in triple roles, but it was merely just a single character. Based on the same predictions was ‘Mersal’, which had Vijay in triple roles. As a matter of fact, the first look posters too managed to create an illusion that Vijay will be seen in dual roles, but then it was a surprise during the first day first show.

In this film, there was a missing point that father and sons didn’t have a combination scene together. Taking a step ahead, he has now made it possible of having both father and Vijay appearing together in ‘Bigil’. Over here, father will be seen as a gangster in North Chennai and his son is a football coach.