Thandora Exclusive – Ajith Kumar’s self-confidence when Mani Ratnam was nearby

We all know that Ajith Kumar isn’t loved for being a fabulous actor, but for many other reasons too. More than any other avatars of being an excellent cook, artist, photographer, etc, we all admire him for his ‘Self-Confidence’. According to the sources, when the shooting of Amaravathy was going on full swing, Mani Ratnam’s Thiruda Thiruda was shot on the neighboring locality. Soon after everyone heard about this, the entire cast and crew of Amaravathy rushed to see Maniratnam, Prashanth and others, who were at the peak of sensation at that point of time.

However, Ajith Kumar wore his sunglasses and took his seat without any excitements. Even by that time, he strongly believed, “I am a star within”.  This doesn’t mean that he didn’t show respect, but he was quite confident about himself.

A self made man!!!!