Thandora Exclusive - Ajith Kumar's remake with tragic end, prequel and Rajinikanth's blockbuster sequel that remains unknown till now

When glimpsing upon the filmography of Ajith Kumar, we get to see that his choice of movies have been completely different from one film to the other. In some rare cases, we would have found that to be stereotypical. Now with his Nerkonda Paarvai running successfully in all places spinning huge profitable box office collections, Thandora Times brings you something really special on three of his movies that were planned and didn’t take off due to some reasons.

Ajith Kumar’s remake with tragic end

While the remakes might be seen as a predominant culture in today’s Tamil cinema, the actor took an ambitious drive in late 90s where he wanted to remake Rajinikanth’s THEE. He wanted to play the Rajinikanth’s role and another leading hero of his time as his brother, who later bumps him off in climax. However, the film didn’t take off due to some reasons, but it was really nice to see he essayed the role of Rajinikanth in the remake of yet another magnum opus Billa.

Ajith Kumar’s prequel

Everyone knows that Billa 2 was the first of its kind prequel in Tamil cinema, directed by Chakri Toleti. The film was initially supposed to be directed by Vishnuvardhan. This was totally a different version from what Chakri had scripted. The major attraction in this prequel was that it reveals the story behind the logo of Billa that comes with multiple knives. It even has a sequence, where Prabhu comes across Ajith Kumar for the first time, which gets connected to the 2007 version, where he says, “I admire BILLA the most.”

Ajith Kumar in Chandramukhi 2

This might have been known to few people, but it is one of the greatest offer that Ajith Kumar had rejected.  Superstar Rajinikanth gave a standing ovation at the special screening of Kannada version ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’. He asked P Vasu to get Ajith Kumar onboard, where he even gave the idea of creating Ajith Kumar’s character as Dr. Saravanan’s student. It was later taken to Telugu remake, where Venkatesh appears as Dr. Saravanan’s student and there are few shots of Rajinikanth from Chandramukhi shown in the sequel as well.