Thandora Exclusive - 5 movies empty FDFS and House Full evening shows of Tamil Cinema

There are few films, which turned to be an amazing experience for the voracious film buffs and regular theatre visitors. Normally, it happens that movies either arrive with big expectations followed by full occupancy in theatres, which might turn out to be a failure by next show itself if it doesn’t impress the FDFS audiences. But, there has been a contrastive situation, where the opening shows were half empty or almost 80% empty, which surprisingly became houseful by next or evening show itself.

We at Thandora Times bring you 5 such movies, which experienced the surprise twist by first and matinee shows.


Of course, the film had decent appeal with the trailer, especially for Sasikumar. During that point of time, Samuthirakani didn’t have much fame and many thought this to be his directorial debut, which was no true. The first show at Sangam Cinemas hardly had 35-40 audiences. They started calling up their friends by interval and praised it vociferously and then after the show, the positive word of mouth spread like forest fires increasing the occupancy by evening show itself.

Chiththiram Pesudhadi

This one can be regarded as the best cherry-pick when compared to all other movies mentioned. The first day first show at Devi Cinemas was hardly 10-12 members and the theatre owners decided to cancel the show indeed. It left the theatres unnoticed, but gradually took a storming comeback with Aascar Ravichandran re-releasing the film with grand promotions, especially with the song ‘Vaalameenu’.

Thani Oruvan

The previous films of Jayam Ravi weren’t so much spectacular and his elder brother Raja hadn’t delivered a promising hit as well. Moreover, this brother duo were regarded as ‘remake’ masters. The first day first show of this film at Sathyam Cinemas had only the balcony filled and almost the entire economy and premium seats were empty. The word spread so fast about the film’s outstanding results and the evening shows got jam-packed.


The first day first show at Abhirami Cinemas were uttermost empty. Although the limited crowds say around 25-30 were okay with the film’s first few minutes, they became crazy with the interval twist, where it was revealed that Eeram is a supernatural thriller. Almost all the theatres got good occupancy by the latter shows. In fact, the ones who watched the film at Udhayam Cinemas even joked saying “Toilet Pogave Bhayama Irukku Da’ as the interval scene was shot there.

Arindhum Ariyamaalum

This is a tailor-made film for such an instance, where none of the lead actors or the technicians were famous even after the release. If not for the presence of Prakash Raj and Yuvan Shankar Raja, especially the number ‘Theepidikka’, there would have not been even a small crowd. However, the film became a massive hit with crowds thronging into the theatre for the initial shows.